Complicated syntheses tamed into ordinary tasks


AldexChem is a solution provider to the Chemical and Life Science industries.

AldexChem developed a novel hydrosilylation reaction filing its primary IP as SilBoRed™. A technology to reduce esters to aldehydes which are difficult, if not impossible with the standard chemistry toolbox. SilBoRed™ technology opened up a novel chemical space, leading to several industrial applications.

LipexSil™ ionizable lipid family was born using SilBoRed™ technology. LipexSil™ lipid families are a solution to one of the most pressing challenges of the pharma industry – the delivery of therapeutic oligonucleotides.

SilBoRed™ opens a new chapter of easy-to-handle reduction technologies, so far requiring expensive and specialist equipment, costly reagents… or dirty chemistry.

LipexSil™ provides exclusive access to a gigantic array of novel and IP-protected lipids.

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