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SilBoRed Technology


AldexChem is a solution and platform provider for the Chemical and Life Science industries. AldexChem’s proprietary technology, SilBoRed, facilitates chemical transformations which are difficult, critical or even impossible with the standard toolbox of chemical synthesis or manufacturing.

Located close to Budapest, capital of Hungary, AldexChem operates in a purely virtual mode. Based on an extensive network of highly skilled research, development and manufacturing organizations, AldexChem manages fast track project execution without investing in internal infrastructure.


SilBoRed is a novel and proprietary technology that allows difficult to achieve chemical transformations such as esters to aldehydes, esters to acetals or esters to enol ethers. While immensely powerful as versatile building blocks for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, the use of these compound classes is restricted by availability and cost of manufacturing. SilBoRed fills this gap in the synthetic toolbox.


Ester to Aldehyde


Ester to Enol Ether

AldexChem permanently extends the company's proprietary platform, widening for instance substrate tolerability, improving cost of goods or adding completely new chemical transformations. 



Managing Director

József, a dedicated entrepreneur and veteran of the Life Science Service Provider Industry, started his last company in 1996 with a team of three.


In January 2021 he successfully exited his company with EUR 25m in annual revenues, to start his new venture as Founder and Managing Director of AldexChem.


Managing Director

Markus, a veteran of Life Science R&D, has 25 years experience in research and development of novel and proprietary therapeutics.


Markus left the industry in 2014, heading Drug Discovery and Development of a German pharma company, and started his own consulting business for the Life Science Industry.


AldexChem has identified a substantial portfolio of high value fine chemicals which can be manufactured with competitive quality and costs by application of the SilBoRed technology.


First compounds have entered lab scale development and will be available in technical quantities by end of 2022. Due to the already established application of SilBoRed for commercial manufacturing, AldexChem expects fast and smooth scale-up processes.


Applying the proprietary SilBoRed technology to specific chemical transformations, AldexChem paved the way to fast and efficient synthesis of a huge number of compounds with potential to become key components for plasmid delivery technology.


Protected by several layers of IP and allowing targeted design, AldexChem expects these compounds to play a major role in development and manufacturing of future therapeutics.


July 2022

AldexChem files patent application for cationic lipids containing linkers so far unprecedented in the art.

June 2022

AldexChem's patent application WO 2022/129966, “Triaryl borane catalysts and method for selective hydrosilylation of esters and lactones using said catalysts” has been published.

June 2022

AldexChem completes initial chemistry and biology data set for filing a patent application covering the potential of the SilBoRed technology for evolving areas in research and manufacturing in the Life Science Industry.

February-April 2022

The SilBoRed technology is successfully applied to ton scale manufacturing of high value fine chemicals.

January 2022

AldexChem starts experimental phase to assess the potential of the of the SilBoRed technology for evolving areas in research and manufacturing in the Life Science Industry.

December 2021

Markus Henrich joins AldexChem as managing director.


December 2021

AldexChem receives Seed Round Venture Capital investment from Euroventures, allowing the company to explore the potential of the SilBoRed technology for evolving topics in research and manufacturing in the Life Science Industry.


September 2021

AldexChem proofs applicability of SilBoRed for manufacturing of key components for research and manufacturing in the Life Science industry.

January 2021

József Répási joins AldexChem as managing director.


September 2020

AldexChem signs first license agreement for application of the SilBoRed technology in large-scale manufacturing of certain high valuer fine chemicals.


July 2021

AldexChem extents IP protection of the SilBoRed technology to manufacturing of certain key components for research and manufacturing in the Life Science industry. 

June 2021

AldexChem files trademark and brand registration


December 2020

AldexChem protects the SilBoRed technology by filing a provisional patent application.


December 2019

AldexChem is registered in Budapest, Hungary.


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József Répási

Managing Director


Bajuszfű u. 59/a





Markus Henrich

Managing Director

  • Contact József Répási
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